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About Department
Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities
The Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities was established in 2006 with the broad interest to provide foundational courses at UG level. The department has started two-year full time course in M.Tech. Environmental Engineering in 2007 to cater the specific requirement of the industries. It provides excellent laboratory facilities for both under graduate and post graduate students. The department comprises of faculty members from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Humanities. The department also offers Ph.D. programme in various disciplines.
Specialisation of faculty members includes experimental condensed matter physics, synthesis and applications of organic polymers/composites, membrane technology and its applications, thin film technology, industrial waste water material utilization, waste water remediation, graph theory, power system planning and optimization.
The department has received research funding from government organisations and has developed collaboration with international and national laboratories. Our students are placed in various government organisations and many of our alumni occupy important positions in the academia, research and industry in India as well as abroad.


The vision of the department is to impart a comprehensive training to students with the interdisciplinary nature in order to nurture future scientists, teachers, and technical professionals in their respective fields. To lead as a dynamic centre in the country for teaching and research in various areas of sciences and environmental engineering.
The mission of the department is to expand horizon of knowledge of newly inducted students by exposing them to the different fundamental aspects of applied sciences in engineering and technology as well as enhancing their English language competence and soft skills.
The department aims to evolve as an advanced centre of research.
To apply the findings of research for the protection of environment by developing new technologies to serve the society at large.
To actively engage in collaboration with national and international research institutes.
To offer effective solution to the industries through scientific research and consultancies.

From Left side: Dr. Arvind Pandey, Dr. Abhilash T. Nair, Dr. Vikas Kumar Gupta, Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr. Subhankar Basu, Dr. S. R. Kumar, Mrs. Madhu Kumari, Dr. Sriparna Chattopadhyay, Dr. Partha Sarathi Mondal, Dr. H. Vignesh Babu
Contact Information
Prof. Anil Kumar 
Head of the Department,
Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities,
NIAMT (Formerly NIFFT), Hatia-834003, Ranchi.
E-mail: anilkumar[at]


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