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Hostels: Home away from Home
Residential facilities are provided to students in four boys’ hostels and one girls’ hostel. The detail about each hostel is provided below.
                    1. Nirala Chhatrawas
                    2. Homi J Bhaba Chhatrawas
                    3. M.Visveshwaraya Chhatrawas
                    4. Jagdish Chandra Bose Chhatrawas
                    5. Kalpana Chawla Chhatrawas

Hostel rules and regulation: Click Here

Hostel application form: Click here

Chief Hostel Warden
Dr. Banshidhara Mallik

e-Mail id: chiefhostelwarden[at]
Contact no.: +91 - 8092065669

Hostel's Warden
Type of Hostel Accommodation Types of Room
Nirala Chhatrawas Dr. Prasant Kumar Swain (Warden)
e-Mail id: warden.niralaandsarabhai[at]
Contact no: +91 - 8260006213

Dr. Sambit Parida (Warden)
e-Mail id: warden.niralaandsarabhai[at]
Contact no: +91 - 6202450939

Boys 150 Double/triple
H.J.B. Chhatrawas Dr. Sunny Singhania (Warden)
e-Mail id: warden.homibhabha[at]
Contact no.: +91 - 8604197076

Dr. Jagesvar Verma (Warden)
e-Mail id: warden.homibhabha[at]
Contact no.: +91 - 9977318754

Boys 300 Double
M.V. Chhatrawas Dr. Ravinder Pal Singh (Warden)
e-Mail id: warden.mvisvesvaraya[at]
Contact no.: +91 - 8059166560

Mr. Anand Mohan Murmu (Warden)
e-Mail id: warden.mvisvesvaraya[at]
Contact no.: +91 - 79708 87657
Boys 176 Single
J.C.Bose Chhatrawas Dr. E. Hemachandran (Warden)
e-Mail id: warden.jcbose[at]
Contact no.: +91 - 9790820601

Dr. Subhankar Basu (Warden)
e-Mail id: warden.jcbose[at]
Contact no.: +91 - 9818878551

Boys 480 Single
 Kalpana Chawla Chhatrawas Dr. Sumbul Rahman (Warden)
e-Mail id: warden.kalpanachawla[at]
Contact no : +91 - 8002112187

Dr. Vaishali Poddar (Warden)
e-Mail id: warden.kalpanachawla[at]
Contact no : +91 - 9881309607

Girls 100 Double/triple
Visitor No. 10437535