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National Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (NIAMT), Ranchi: The Vanguard of Manufacturing Excellence for India. 

Manufacturing competence is the only single activity that equally contributes in the Global competitiveness and Human Development. While manufacturing excellence in India is pivoted on the smart use of digital tools, engagement of the youth workforce in modern manufacturing activities poses a challenge. It is, thus, very important for our country to excel in all aspects of ‘manufacturing’ with due emphasis on knowledge, information and innovation to foster the sustainability and competitiveness of industries, MSMEs and startups.

National Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (NIAMT), Ranchi (erstwhile National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology (NIFFT) Ranchi) was established in 1966 by the Government of India with the assistance of UNESCO. In the year 2024, Government of India has conferred the status of Deemed to be University (under distinct category) to NIAMT, Ranchi.

NIAMT Ranchi, over the years, has evolved a industry centric four-tier academic framework constituted by Advanced Diploma, B. Tech, M. Tech and PhD programmes in the relevant fields of study. The present academic framework of NIAMT includes the multidisciplinary feature of Advanced Manufacturing Technology involving B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Production and Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. The Doctoral program is focused on application of fundamental knowledge towards value addition in processes and products.

The students are admitted to the undergraduate and postgraduate courses, run by the Institute, through JEE mains and CCMT platforms, respectively. The Institute is completely residential in nature with a 58 acre of lush green campus, constituted by well-equipped academic facilities, library with ample number of printed text resources and online reading and reference materials, separate girls’ and boys’ hostels, residential facilities for faculty officers and staff, play-ground and gymkhana, dispensary for medical care, and all other liveable facilities. In addition to the Government scholarship schemes, students are financially supported through merit-based scholarships scheme of the Institute. 

The faculty of the Institute are recruited with high eligibility standards, at par with INIs, and are exceptional in their areas of expertise. The consistent passion and effort of faculty members in education, research, and industry-specific training and skill development, over the years, has created the brand of the Institute in the niche domain of manufacturing Technology.

The academic and administrative endeavours of the Institute is effectively supported by highly experienced officers and technical staff in conducting training and research at laboratories and workshop as well as conducting the activities at different administrative sections. 

Its unique pedagogical focus on manufacturing technology has always been the attraction of core manufacturing industries in the recruitment of students of NIAMT across the country. The Industry Liaison Cell of NIAMT Ranchi has been catering its services according to the employment needs of the students.  

Besides successful careers in industries, a good number of pass-out graduates join postgraduate programs in IITs, IISc, and IIMs. Alumni of the Institute, besides leading the manufacturing industries, are serving as faculty member in IITs, NITs, IIMs and at reputed institutes abroad.  

The completely residential campus encourages the students to take up various extra-curricular activities, throughout the year, like sports and cultural performance, building scientific models and racing cars for national and international events, promoting education among the less-privileged children of the locality through ‘Kartavya’, an NGO run by students and alumni of the Institute.

Keeping the emerging need for digital competence in the manufacturing sector in view, the Institute has established the Centre of Excellence in Industry 4.0, in collaboration with the Software Technology Park of India, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, GoI, to produce the vanguards in achieving self-reliance in digital manufacturing, as well as to promote incubation of start-ups and entrepreneurship in the domain of digital manufacturing. (e.g., big data, ML, AI, IoT, etc.). In a parallel effort, the Institute has initiated the establishment of a meticulously designed Smart Manufacturing facility in collaboration with Central Manufacturing Technology Institute, Bangalore. 

Besides the opportunities in the emerging areas of manufacturing technology, the Institute finds plenty of untapped opportunities in small and microscale rural artisanship and organic resource-based livelihood practices popular in the State of Jharkhand. With an aim to include these segments in holistic economic prospect, the Institute has established the inclusive Technology Business Incubation centre (a section 8 company) to promote inclusive self-reliance. 

In summary, NIAMT is committed to exert its all-out endeavour to adapt, develop and disseminate the technological, translational and transformational competence with an aim to emerge as a globally visible knowledge hub in Advanced Manufacturing technology.
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