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Library Rules


  1. The Library Card will be issued to a Student at the beginning of his/her career in the Institute, subject to the rules and regulations of the Library.
  2. The bar coded card should be preserved carefully. Loss of the card should be reported immediately in writing to the Sr. Librarian. Issue of a duplicate card may be considered in case of loss on payment of Rs. 50/- (Fifty only) for students but cannot be claimed as right. The student will be responsible for books found outstanding in the original card even after a duplicate has been issued.
  3. All students may borrow Five Books from General stock at a time for Fifteen days and one Reference Book for Over Night.
  4. The borrowers will inspect the Books and bring it to the notice of the Counter Assistant if they are damaged before getting them issued: otherwise he/she will be held responsible for any other damage detected at the time of return.
  5. Students may also borrow from SC/ST Book Bank on submission of eligibility certificate.
  6. Overdue charges will be collected as per rules prevailing in case of delay in return.  The current charges are General Stock Books Re. 01/-(One) per day for the first week and Rs. 10/- (Ten) per day thereafter; Reference-Books Rs. 10/-(Ten) per day.
  7. Loss of Books/Documents should be reported in writing to the Librarian immediately. The decision of the Librarian will be final regarding recovery of cost.
  8. The Sr. Librarian has the discretion to recall any book even before the due date.
  9. The Books/ Documents borrowed on the card are not transferable.
  10. Only writing materials will be allowed inside the Library. Personal belongings such as loose garments, shawls, umbrellas, brief cases, bags, file covers, etc. are to be left behind at the appropriate place near the entrance of the Library.
  11. Student will consult the catalogue/OPAC to locate the Books on the shelves arranged according to the call numbers in the catalogue. In case of any difficulty the Sr. Librarian/Library Staff may be consulted.
  12. Student will present the Library Card with Books at the Issue Counter for issue / Return.
  13. Misuse of Library privilege will be regarded as breach of discipline.
  14. No dues Certificate will be issued only when all document borrowed are returned to the Library along with Library card.
  15. This card must be used only by the member to whom it is issued.
  16. Library Card / Library Books Lost / Found must be reported in writing to the Sr. Librarian immediately.
  17. The above regulations may be amended at the discretion of the Sr. Librarian & Library Committee.
  18. Users should check the physical condition of a book while borrowing the same.
  19. If the damaged book belongs to a set, then the user is responsible for the entire set.
  20. During power/system failures, the circulation counter services will be suspended.
  21. Immediately after the issue of a book, the user is required to take out the same from the library
  22. No book shall be returned on the day of issue.
  23. Users are responsible for complying with the copyright act while photocopying library document.
  24. An outgoing member should return the library identity card and all the documents outstanding against his/her name along with his outstanding delay fine if any.
  25. If any member is found misusing /mutilating /stealing/ cutting pages from a book, disciplinary action will be initiated against him/her, besides withdrawing the library facilities
  26. Improper use of library facilities by a member will lead to the suspension of termination of his/her membership.
  27. Use of Mobile phone is strictly prohibited inside library premises. If found, the membership as well as use of library facilities may be suspended.


The borrowed Books should be returned within the due date otherwise overdue charges will be collected as per rules prevailing in case of delay in return. The current charges are General Stock Books Rs. 01/-(One) per day for the first week and Rs. 10/-(Ten) per day thereafter; Reference-Books Rs. 10/-(Ten) per day.

Please check OPAC search's Patron link for your due date of returning the book and fine details.


In case of lost library card, a duplicate card may be issued on the basis of application supported along with receipt of Rs. 50/- deposited to the institute account.

If an user lost his library book he/she has to --
  • Replace the lost book by a new book as per the library regulations
  • Pay the current price of the lost book
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