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Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering has been established in 2020. The department envisages to support the mammoth task of transforming the Institute into an advanced research centre for manufacturing technology in the country. The enablers of such transformation, such as computer-aided design and manufacturing, computer-aided engineering, electronic control systems and devices, computer networks and security, industrial automation, data analytics, etc. will form the core of activities of this youngest department of the Institute.

To achieve excellence in technical education by offering interdisciplinary engineering courses pertaining to electronics, computers, advanced manufacturing and automation, and to develop strong competence in these domains to serve our great nation.
  1. Develop up-to-date curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, incorporating the latest and futuristic academic, research and industrial needs;
  2. Develop various laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment to enable imparting of quality education;
  3. Produce high calibre, competent and self-reliant engineering graduates and postgraduates, who will possess sound scientific knowledge and problem-solving skills, and engage in activities relevant to Indian industries with ethical values and flair for research;
  4. Become a centre of excellence by conducting cutting-edge research in different areas of electronics, computer sciences and advanced manufacturing and by developing technology solutions for Indian manufacturing industries to ensure sustainability and self-reliance; and
  5. Promote strong inter-institutional and institute-industry relationships for the exchange of expertise, and collaborative research and development activities.
Contact Information

Dr. Madhu Kumari

Head of the Department
Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering

Phone Number: 0651-2292086
Visitor No. 10437259