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About Department
Department of Foundry & Forge Technology

Department of Foundry Technology and Department of Forge Technology independently came into existence in 1966 at the time of inception of Institute. In 1966 both the departments jointly started offering Advanced Diploma Courses (ADC) to provide trained manpower in the primary metal processing industries. In1985, M. Tech program was introduced with the specialization of foundry and forge technology. To cater the industrial demand of graduate engineering with expertise in manufacturing domain, after the long legacy in foundry and forge technology, the academic merger of both the department happened in 2022, and started offering B. Tech. course in Production and Industrial Engineering with honours in Foundry and Forge Technology. 
The department offers following course to provide technically qualified human resources to Foundry, Forge, allied metal shaping and manufacturing industries:
  • Advanced Diploma Course (ADC) in Foundry Technology 
  • Advanced Diploma Course (ADC) in Forge Technology, 
  • B. Tech in Production and Industrial Engineering (Honours in Foundry and Forge Technology)  
  • M. Tech in Foundry and Forge Technology
  • PhD (Full time, Part time)

The department continues research in two broad domain Foundry Technology and Forge Technology. The Foundry and Forge Technology Department also provides technological support as consultancy, troubleshooting work, development of latest technology, outreach programme like refresher courses, unit-based programme in the premises of institute as well as at the sight of industry and research to Foundry, Forge and allied industries. To be competent with the present situation of cutting-edge technology, the department has geared up noticeably and capable in establishing latest research areas in advanced manufacturing technology by implementing digitization, Internet of things, Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing in academic and research curriculum. The department is having competent and highly qualified faculty members.
  • To provide competent personnel at different level in foundry, forge and other manufacturing industry
  • To promote National and International collaborations and joint venture with industries and research laboratories in research and academic programs. 
Contact Information
Prof. K. K. Singh
Head of Department,
Department of Foundry and Forge Technology,
NIAMT (Formerly NIFFT),
Hatia-834003, Ranchi.
Phone Number: 0651-2292027 (0); +91 - 9934107324
E-mail: kksingh[at]


Foundry Technology 

Dr. Kamlesh Kumar Singh
 Email  : kksingh[at]niamt[dot]ac[dot]in
Phone  : 0651-2292027 (o); +91-9934107324 (M)

Dr. Nandita Gupta
 Email  : nanditagupta[at]niamt[dot]ac[dot]in
Phone  : 0651-2292013 (O), +91-9431108164 (M)

Dr. Amitesh Kumar
 Email  : amiteshk[at]niamt[dot]ac[dot]in
Phone  : 0651-2292078, +91 - 9835529160

Dr. Himanshu Khandelwal
[Assistant Professor]
 Email  : himanshuk[at]niamt[dot]ac[dot]in
Phone  : +91 - 91674 81947

Forge Technology

Dr. Niranjan Kumar Singh
Email  : nksingh[at]niamt[dot]ac[dot]in
Phone  : 0651-2292014 (0); +91-9431356823

Dr. Rajkumar Ohdar
Email  : rkohdar[at]niamt[dot]ac[dot]in
Phone  : 0651-2292081 (O);+91-8986719859

Dr. Manoj Kumar
Email  : manojkumar[at]niamt[dot]ac[dot]in
Phone  : 0651-2292089; +91-9934369266

Dr. Ajit Kumar Pramanick
[Assistant Professor]
Email  : akpramanick[at]niamt[dot]ac[dot]in
Phone  : +919748134591

Dr. Vineet Chak
[Assistant Professor]
Email  : vineetchak[at]niamt[dot]ac[dot]in
Phone  : +91-8298042604

Dr. Deepak Kumar
[Assistant Professor]
Email  : kdeepak[at]niamt[dot]ac[dot]in
Phone  : +91 - 87911 84999

Dr. Kulkarni Rahul Ramesh
[Assistant Professor]
Email  : kulkarnir[at]niamt[dot]ac[dot]in
Phone  : +91-9819959472
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